Falafel Burgers

When I was at University in the late 90s it felt like you could get Falafel pretty much everywhere you went – probably because I was frequenting the sorts of…Continue Reading →

Ginger & Garlic Prawns

Normally you only find preserved stem ginger being used in baking, to add a little bit of sweet heat to…


One Pot Chicken and Gnocchi

When you’re pressed for time and just want a satsifying dinner there’s a lot to be said for one-pot cooking…


Pancake Day!

It’s Pancake Day! Ok, ok, I know it’s technically Shrove Tuesday and represents the last day before Lent for the…


Simple Pancake Recipe

I don’t know about you but there are certain recipes that don’t really need to be referred back to when…


Pizza Frittata

Every now and then Michael goes out for Afternoon Tea with his colleagues. It’s a lovely thing to do, but…


Ham and Pesto Pasta Bake

When you have friends round for a casual supper you don’t always want to be stuck in the kitchen preparing…


Basil & Red Pepper Beef

This is very much inspired by Thai Basil Beef (a.k.a. Pad Gra Prow) but is not something that I would…



Gremolata is one of those deceptively simple things that adds so much more flavour to a plate of food than…


Prawn and Chorizo Pasta

This week is really starting to feel like an exercise in simplicity and cooking really lovely food from very few ingredients. Tonight’s Prawn and Chorizo Pasta is no exception, containing as…Continue Reading →

Turkey Saltimbocca

Sometimes simplicity is king when it comes to cooking. I do try and stick to that approach where I can,…


Winter Orzotto

Right, we’re finally back on the wagon after a bit of an extended Christmas followed by a brief Winter escape…