/Food Rocks: Pesto Chicken Risotto

Food Rocks: Pesto Chicken Risotto

I would love to write down the recipe for every meal I cook but in many cases even calling something a recipe seems generous, so writing one down would be nothing short of madness. Tonight’s dinner being a case in point as I’ve created what I consider to be a wondefully flavoursome bowl of food with shop-bought components and virtually no effort on my part.

I know some could argue that stirring a risotto and knowing when to add stock constitutes “effort” but even that’s stretching the definition a little as far as I’m concerned. Indeed, everything else in this risotto came pre-made from a packet or a jar and was added to the pan without any further intervention from me so I’d feel bad about trying to take any of the credit for it.

If you’re interested you can make it yourself with two chicken breasts, brushed with pesto after being cooked in a hot skillet, sitting on top of a bowl of arborio rice cooked in chicken stock with a dollop of pesto added right at the end. 

This took 20 minutes from start to finish – I’ve spend 5 times as long on food that tastes half as good as this. Sometimes you just need to know when to put in the effort and others you have to accept help from others 🙂