/Post-Honeymoon Recovery Mode

Post-Honeymoon Recovery Mode

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve not posted anything on the blog for a few weeks. It’s not because I’ve had nothing to say, rather it’s been a self-imposed break from my “normal” online lifestyle allowing me to properly enjoy my wedding and honeymoon.

After almost three weeks in the USA and bobbing around the Caribbean on a beautiful cruise ship (successfully avoiding Hurricanes Irma and Maria) I’ve naturally gained a little bit of holiday weight and am now back at home in enforced ‘diet recovery mode’.

If you followed my former 8 Month Challenge blog you’ll know that I lost over 26kg in the first part of the year in preparation for the big day, knowing full well that I’d undo some of that progress by throwing myself head first into the honeymoon!

Let’s face it, when you’re going on an all inclusive cruise (and I mean ALL inclusive) there’s going to be some collateral damage to your waistline. I’m don’t regret one moment – I’ve had a wonderful time with my new husband but sadly I’m now back to reality and it’s time to start thinking about cooking for myself again.

It might take me a couple of days to get back into my stride, so please bear with me while I balance the piles of laundry and jet lag with the empty kitchen cupboards.

Normal service will be resumed soon and frankly it needs to as I’ve got a few bonus kg to shift!