/Food Rocks: Chicken Shawarma Wraps

Food Rocks: Chicken Shawarma Wraps

It’s my Mum’s birthday this week, so today we went out for a big family lunch at a (fairly) local pub.

The food there is generally pretty good and although today’s offering wasn’t at the upper end of what I’ve eaten there before it definitely left us all feeling satisfied.

Though I do agree with Michael that if you’re going to put something on your menu and call it a sundae it should be served in a sundae glass, not a bowl… That’s enough of the negativity.

So, knowing we were having a big lunch out meant that I needed to make sure that there was a properly prepared supper option in the house to save us having to make last minute (and inevitably unhealthy) choices.

Luckily the supermarket didn’t have any small packs of chicken breasts so I had a couple of spares leftover after making last night’s Lazy Garlic Chicken.

It wasn’t long before I had them coated in a blend of spices and drenched in lemon juice, after which they spent the night in the fridge marinading. I used a very similar mix of flavours as for the Chicken Pilaf I made a couple of weeks ago, knowing it imparted a lovely warmth to the dish – they’re a fairly standard combination but a guaranteed winner.

That extra five minutes of prep whilst last night’s dinner was in the oven meant tonight’s supper was ready to eat within ten minutes. It also meant it was portion controlled and healthy. No extra oil, lots of salad and tomatoes from the garden. One happy Scott.

Anything simple is my friend at the moment – it’s less than a week until the wedding and although there’s not much to do I am trying to avoid anything too complex food-wise.

We can have all the fancy stuff on our honeymoon 😉