/A New "5 Month Challenge"

A New "5 Month Challenge"

If you followed my old blog, The 8 Month Challenge, you’ll know that I spent the first half of 2017 trying to reform my diet ahead of my wedding last September. I’d lost over 26kg in weight (4 stones or 57lbs if you prefer those units) and felt great on the big day. It felt like I’d found the motivation to continue on that journey and I hoped that by Christmas I’d have lost 30kg. That would have meant I was at the lowest weight of my adult life.

Then the Honeymoon happened. I gained 5kg in the three weeks we were away. It’s not that surprising considering we were on an all inclusive cruise with unlimited free drinks, but still. I came back from with the resolve to lose the extra weight and get back on track. I knew how to do it and had proven I could do it.

Then Christmas happened. Clearly I was weaker than I thought. As winter closed in a combination of the darker nights, colder weather and busier time at work meant I lost my focus. I gained another 5kg.

Then the winter just kept going and going and going. I gained another 5kg waiting for the summer to come. I want to be clear that I am not blaming the Honeymoon, Christmas or Winter weather here. The only person to blame is me, but it shows how easily you can lose your way when you stop concentrating on the task in hand.

I set myself a challenge and lost 26kg in the first 8 months of 2017. I then proceeded to regain 15kg over the following 7 months. Almost 60% of my good work was undone through a lack of focus on my part. Clearly a new challenge is needed – I want to get my weight back to where it was at the start of last September. I want to look as good on my anniversary as I did on my wedding day.

I’ve set myself a 5 Month Challenge and I am going to stick to it. The good news, for me at least, is that I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again.

The Rules:

If you needed a quick reminder, these are the two rules of my challenge.

  • Move More: This is probably the most important rule and one that I cannot afford to break. Last year I was focused on the 10,000 steps per day approach, though that’s been subject to quite a lot of scrutiny over the past few months.  Therefore I am planning to use the advice of Dr Michael Mosley and take three brisk 10 minute walks per day. (For more see this BBC News article). I’ve downloaded an app called “Active 10” which will track my walks and make sure that I am achieving my goals each day.


  • Eat Well and Eat Less: This bit remains unchanged from last year. I want to lose around 1kg per week and have around 20 weeks in which to do it. I’m going to stick with last year’s target to reduce my daily energy intake to 1,800kcal. I never felt hungry and rarely felt like I was missing out. You can have a lot of good food within that allowance and it should make me think more about the food I cook each day. I’ve created a new “Under 750 Calories” tag to show those recipes that can easily be made a part of a lower calorie dinner overall. Hopefully that will help you as well as me.


Two Simple Rules. Five Months to go.