/New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions?

If you followed my previous blog, The 8 Month Challenge, you’ll know that I spent the first 8 months of 2017 losing weight ahead of my wedding in September. The first 4 months were the most successful in terms of consistent weight loss but I kept going right up to the week before the big day and in the end lost 26kg (or about 4st in old money).

I’m still very proud of what I achieved and can look back at my wedding photos with a smile – mostly because it reminds me of an amazing day marrying the man I love surrounded by the friends and family we both love, but also because everyone looks great in every picture including me. That was my aim: to have a great day and be able to enjoy the wonderful memories for years to come without wanting to hide any photos.

A bonus was that I’ve also changed the way that I approach food. I cook more, we eat better and I don’t snack in the same way that I used to. It’s not to say that I’ve managed to shed every bad eating habit – I’d only be kidding myself if I tried to make that claim – but I do genuinely think that I eat better now than I did before.

That being said, I have regained about a third of the weight I lost since September. Half of that gain happened on our honeymoon, which is hardly surprising when we spent 10 days bobbing around the Caribbean on an all-inclusive cruise after 8 months of healthier eating. The rest has crept back since we got home (and over Christmas) which doesn’t surprise me as I’ve always struggled with eating well in the Autumn, when work gets busy and the weather goes downhill. When I don’t feel like cooking I quickly default to getting someone else to do it and bring it to the door. Portion control goes out of the window very quickly!

There are no excuses here – just a reflection of the facts – and I now accept that I need to do something about it.

On top of the food side of things, there’s also a financial incentive to revisiting what we’re eating. After paying for a wedding last year we’ve decided to have a new kitchen fitted this year – something that can’t really be done on the cheap. It involves removing walls, removing windows and lifting a parquet floor. Fun all round!

As well as eating healthier I also want to see if I can be a little more budget conscious for a few months so that we can have the kitchen that we want without any unnecessary stress. I think this goes hand in hand with portion control and reducing our food waste – though I have to say we don’t throw away that much food and what does go in the bin is composted by our local council.

So – that gives me two aims for the food I cook as we go into 2018:

  • Eat healthier, balanced meals and try and lose some weight.
  • Spend a bit more wisely and see if we can further reduce our food waste.

It could be a lost worse, couldn’t it?

p.s. I called this post New Year’s Resolutions? – with the question mark very much intentional – as I think resolutions are, in themselves, a total waste of time. In most cases they seem to me to be a way of disappointing yourself with failure before the year has even gotten underway. I like to think of them as being more like a New Year’s Objective – something to work towards, accepting that there will be good and bad days, ups and downs, successes and failures along the way.

Yes, I will be measuring my weight but I won’t be solely driven by it – the only person I’m doing it for is myself and I know I can succeed if I can do it my own way.