About Scott

About Scott

Hi, I’m Scott – welcome to Scott’s Food Rocks.

I love cooking food and I love eating it – that certainly helps when it comes to writing a food blog! I get a lot of pleasure from sharing my passion with my friends and family – having people around for dinner is always a pleasure and never a chore. There’s something wonderful about the process of turning raw ingredients into finished dishes. Especially when you get to eat them!

My inner scientist enjoys the fact that cooking has some rules and my inner artist loves that they can often be broken.  My inner extrovert thrives in showing off what I’ve created (at least when it goes well) and my much more dominant inner introvert takes the time I’m in the kitchen to recharge. My greedy side loves absolutely everything, as it knows it’s going to be fed at the end of whatever it is I’m up to!

I love to travel and see the world with my own eyes, not through someone else’s. This comes with the bonus that I get to taste the food of the world in its natural habitat and even when the food is not so great the experience is everything.

I live in Dorset, on the south coast of the UK, with my husband, Michael, and our two cats – Cosmo and Luna.